Garlic with the Low FODMAP Diet

Alright, people, it’s time to get food serious over here. If you are a foodie or love to cook, then being told you can’t cook with garlic kinda feels like you’re being deprived of oxygen. I love garlic and for me, it was a base to some of my most classic dishes, family favourites and throw together meals. Cooking without it just felt wrong. 

So when I was put on the low FODMAP diet I had to discover some new ways to replace that garlic flavour and create drool-worthy meals that my friends would fight over.

So how do I do it? Here are my Low Fodmap Garlic Secrets.

1. Garlic Infused Oil

But garlic?! Garlic is high FODMAP right? Well yes, it is but a cool fact about FODMAPs is that the FODMAPs are only water-soluble not oil soluble.
This means when you fry garlic in oil, or use garlic infused oil, you get all the flavour without the FODMAPs, which makes it tummy friendly.

You can make garlic-infused oil on the go by frying large garlic chunks in your cooking oil until they are golden brown and fragrant, then REMOVE all of the garlic before you add your other ingredients. Just make sure you don’t eat the garlic until you’ve done your fructan challenge (you can feed it to other family members though).

2. Garlic Chives

These little beauties are a tasty way to get that garlicky flavour without the tummy ache. Garlic chives aka Asian Chives have been tested by Monash University and they are low FODMAP in large serves.

They are perfect in soups, spring rolls, curries, stir-frys, and salads!  You can chop them and use them raw as a garnish, fry them in some oil, or blend them into your salad dressing.

How do you like to use them?

3. Asafoetida Powder

You’ll want to double bag this stinky spice, otherwise, it’s pungent odour will take over the kitchen! Asafoetida powder is also called ‘Hing’ and it’s commonly used as a garlic/onion replacement and features heavily in Indian cooking.

The trick with this spice is to fry a small pinch in oil before adding your other ingredients. This will help unlock the flavours and mellow out the pungent smell. Don’t use it raw!


Hello I am the LowFodMap Guy from London.As a fellow sufferer of both IBS / SIBO - I have been in successful recovery thanks to the low fodmap diet.Please ask me any questions below

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