FODMAP Recipe COOKBOOKS Collection

Irritable Bowel Syndrome affects 1 in 7 adults.  There are many dietary triggers associated with IBS, including a group of sugars called FODMAPs.

The low FODMAP cookbook brings a new collection of over 75 recipes into the kitchens of people who will benefit from a reduction of FODMAPS in their diet.  From breakfast to dinner, dessert and baked goods, all recipes have been reviewed by Dr. Jane Muir of the Eastern Health Clinical School at Monash University.

10% of profits from the sale of The low FODMAP cookbook will be donated to research funding at the Eastern Health Clinical School at Monash University.

 The low FODMAP cookbook 

“Finally some terrific recipes for those with FM – many thanks!!”

“Fish was fantastic, we also had the chow mein – it was a huge winner, my husband walked in from work and said wow what smells so good! We also tried the creamy zucchini and bacon pasta and made the raspberry ripple muffins. Big thumbs up. I have quite a few friends on the low fodmap diet and have been promoting you madly. Look forward to the next installment.”

“Amazing recipes and images. Finally a cookbook I can use!”

“Brilliant Product. Up to date information. Easy to read and recipes for everyday”

“love this book! recipes are ace and delicious. can’t wait 2 try the cheesecake”

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