Zucchini Slice

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Zucchini Slice

Have you made Zucchini Slice before?  I used to make it often before shifting to a low FODMAP diet.  It was a bit of a standby dinner on Friday nights because it’s so quick to make, plus the leftovers were great for lunch over the weekend.  I did attempt a low FODMAP version in my early days on the diet, but the result was disappointing.  Substituting standard gluten free flour mix left me with a texture that was a bit mushy and I learned that this is one of those dishes that suffers when onion is left out.

I had all but left Zucchini Slice behind, resigning to accept it was one of those recipes that just didn’t convert well.  But when a reader sent me an email asking if I could come up with a low FODAMP version of Zucchini Slice I decided to have another go…


We’re heading into the warmer months here in Australia, which means zucchini, aka courgette, are coming into abundance.  I remember not liking this glossy green veg much as a child, but I have to say that my little people don’t think twice about eating this vegie-filled dish.



So, the first problem: soggy slice.  I knew I needed to change the flour mix to avoid my previous wet result.  This time I used more rice flour which worked perfectly to soak up the moisture from the grated zucchini.

Second problem: no onion, poor flavour.  The common Zucchini Slice recipe calls for a finely chopped onion.  Generally, I don’t worry too much about simply dropping onion from a dish, but this doesn’t work for Zucchini Slice.  The answer: chives.  Also in season now, chives became the hero of my Zucchini Slice with a delicious flavour boost.



Along with the zucchini and chives, the Zucchini Slice has eggs, grated low fat cheese, finely chopped bacon (I use shortcut rashes and remove the excess fat), some Dijon mustard, and heart-healthy olive oil.



After just half an hour in the oven, the slice comes out puffed and golden.  It can be eaten straight away, an easy meal with a salad on the side.  It is great cold in lunch boxes too.  My favourite way to serve it though, is cut into smaller pieces that are reheated on an oven tray.  The outside goes a little crispy while the centre stays soft and fluffy; a pretty good finger food for the next party.



Of course there are plenty of options to vary this slice.  Add other vegies such as grated carrot or pumpkin, some diced capsicum, some corn (remembering the 1/2 cob per serve limit), or sliced cherry tomatoes on top.  Some of the tasty cheese could be substituted with feta or goat cheese.  For a vegetarian option leave out the bacon, add another veg and a little salt to season.




Zucchini Slice

You will need approximately 2 medium zucchini and 3 or 4 shortcut bacon rashes.

5 eggs
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
¾ cup (90g) brown rice flour
¼ cup (35g) corn flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
375g coarsely grated zucchini
1 cup (100g) grated tasty cheese
1/3 cup finely chopped chives
120g shortcut bacon rashes, chopped
1/3 cup (80ml) olive oil

Preheat oven to 180°C.  Grease and line a baking dish or slice tray measuring approximately 20x30cm.

Beat eggs and mustard with a whisk.  Add rice flour, corn flour and baking powder, and whisk together until smooth.

Add the remaining ingredients and mix with a spatula until evenly combined.  Spread mixture into prepared baking dish.

Bake 30-35 minutes until firm to touch, and puffed and golden.


Please note: many sources state brown rice flour is high FODMAP.
I have checked this with Dr Jaci Barrett of Diet Solutions and Monash University and she has confirmed that
brown rice flour is in fact low FODMAP and safe in a low FODMAP diet.

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  1. I was just wondering if you had tried to substitute all of the flours for just plain ol’ cornmesl(the unadulterated kind)?! I think this would make a great zucchini cornbread-what do you think? Should I try?

    Jean in Texas

    • Hi Jean, I haven’t tried a straight substitution for cornmeal. A cornbread sounds delicious. I would probably start with using part cornmeal in the flour mix. Corn is recommended to be limited to 1/2 cob of fresh corn per serve. This might suggest that using all cornmeal may be too much, but I would love to hear how you go if you try it out.

  2. Thank you for posting the recipe. I can’t wait to make this. Is corn flour the same as corn starch?

    • Yes, Abby, corn flour is the same as corn starch here in Australia. You just need to look out maize corn flour/starch, not wheaten corn flour/starch.

  3. Try spelt flour, readily available at health Food Shops. Recent research by Monash says it is fine for FODMAPS sufferers- and I have found it so. Makes great bread too!

    • Hi Rosemary, spelt flour is another great option for those who tolerate it. I also enjoy cooking with spelt and it would be perfect in this Zucchini Slice. Apparently fructan content can vary depending on how spelt is processed, so I have tried to give this option for those who may be more sensitive. Something for everyone!

  4. To reduce the sogginess, I strain the grated zucchini. Press into the strainer and leave for a few minutes. When I used to have onion in the mix, that produced even more juice when strained.

    • I have a rosti making grater – which different to a regular grater gives off very little moisture. Great for all vegies as long as they are firm.

  5. This sounds so yummy. I can’t seem to tolerate corn in any form. Do you have any suggestions to replace the corn flour?

    • Hi Gaye, Instead of corn flour you could try substituting potato starch, tapioca starch, or arrowroot. For this recipe however, you might get away with using all brown rice flour, or perhaps white rice flour in place of the corn flour.

  6. Thank you, Natalie. I’ve just made this for lunch. It tasted amazing and so easy to make. Instead of corn flour, I’d used potato starch. And it was fine. Thank you again.

  7. Hi Natalie, I have just started the Low FODMAP and I am having difficulties getting brown rice flour here in Geraldton. Can I use gluten free flour instead? Thanks

    • Hi Susan,
      I think GF flour should be fine, but if you have some white rice flour, perhaps add that to the GF flour mix. You might even want to try draining some of the moisture from the zucchini as others have suggested.

  8. Thanks

  9. Great recipe idea, thanks Natalie. I am often stuck for lunch ideas so this will work a treat.

  10. Made it and it tasted delicious!
    Thank you for posting the recipe.

  11. Hi Natalie,

    This recipe was great. I accidentally left out the olive oil, and there was no detrimental effect, in fact I think I’ll leave it out next time I make it.

    I just want to say a big thank you for the effort you have put into this site and sharing your recipes. Having to go on a low Fodmap was so overwhelming at first, but this website has allowed me to keep a sense of normalcy with what I eat.


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