Hello scones!

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Hello scones!

This weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to attend a meeting of the Melbourne East Fructose Malabsorption Support Group. Our lovely host Riesa kindly opened her home for an afternoon of friendship, tea and scones.

Yes!  That’s right, scones. At a previous meeting, the group had been asked to name a food that they missed most since beginning a low FODMAP diet. It seems scones were mentioned more than once, so the group was set for a scone bake-off.


Riesa's Lemonade scones

Riesa's Lemonade scones

Riesa began with her tried and tested recipe that was a quick-mix dough made of a gluten-free flour mix, cream and lemonade (recipe below). These scones browned up beautifully as they baked and came out with nice light texture that is essential for a good scone.

The second recipe was one Riesa had found somewhere online. This recipe was accompanied with a picture of light and high scones, so our hopes were also high. The ingredients were a bit unusual and consisted of a gluten-free flour mix, oil, milk and salt. The dough was mixed in a food processer before being cut and baked. After the initial mixing, the dough was still dry and required some more liquid. A little more milk, a little more oil, a squeeze of lemon juice. I don’t think any of us were confident about this second recipe.

The verdict: Riesa’s scones were easy winners. She has kindly shared her recipe and tips for us all to enjoy.

Riesa’s Lemonade Scones    makes 12
3 cups self raising gluten free flour mix
1 cup thickened cream,unbeaten ( use lactose-free cream if required, available in long-life tetra packs)
1 cup lemonade
rice flour
1 tablespoon milk

Place an oven shelf one above the centre in your oven.  Preheat the oven to 230°C (210°C fan forced).  Line a baking sheet with baking paper.
Place the self raising flour into a large bowl. Add the cream and lemonade and mix to a thick consistency. Empty onto a rice floured surface and pat gently (with hands dipped in rice flour) to a thickness of about 2.5cm (1 inch). Cut with a small scone cutter dipped in rice flour.
Place scones on tray lined with baking paper. Brush tops of scones with a small amount of milk.
Bake on one shelf above the middle of your oven at 230°C for 10 – 15 minutes.

Riesa’s tips for scones:
Do not expect the scones to rise much.
Do not expect the scones to be too brown. Soft gold is good. If you overcook the scones they will be tough and dry (gluten free flours dry out very quickly).
To make scones for one or two people, use 1 cup SR GF flour, 1/3 Cup thickened cream, 1/3 cup lemonade.
The scones freeze well if frozen before they have become cold and hard. I like to toast my scones once they have come out of the freezer.

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