Saturday morning breaky

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Saturday morning breaky

Saturday morning is a busy one in our household.  No sleep-ins here.  Two boys need to be on the tennis court by 7:45am and our little girl enjoys a piano lesson later on in the morning.  Last weekend was my turn to do the tennis run and I stole an extra 10 minutes under the covers instead of eating breakfast before we left.

On the way back home I was listening to The Grandstanders on the radio.  Jane and Craig are always good for a laugh and they often talk about different good health topics. On Saturday Jane shared a great idea for breakfast I had to try.



Eggs are a regular feature at our breakfast table.  I have taught my boys how to cook them for themselves and I know it makes a big difference to satisfying their appetite for longer in the morning.  Theirs usually turn out somewhere between scramble and omelette.  I love a softly poached egg with a little salt and pepper and some spinach on the side.  But Jane’s suggestion was to cut a slice of capsicum to use as an egg ring.  It’s such a simple idea I don’t know why I haven’t thought or heard of it before, and it sure beats trying to wash up an egg ring.



So that was my Saturday morning breaky.  I really enjoyed the sweet red capsicum with my still soft egg.

A low FODMAP breakfast can be challenging and sometimes it just gets a bit boring if you eat the same thing each day. 

What have you been eating for breakfast?




The low FODMAP cookbook NEWS…


You may have heard or seen our eBook on iBookstore for iPad.  It is now also available on KOBO.

It will be on Amazon for Kindle any day now.

Thanks so much for the amazing response to the hard copy book being available on Amazon.  We were not expecting to sell out so quickly, but the good news is that we have ordered more from the printer and we will ship more stock directly to Amazon.  We still have a little more stock available here in Australia.


I’m off for a couple of weeks now… we’re going to wedding in Singapore!

I’ll show you some photos when I get back.

:) Nat

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  1. Nat, Thanks for sharing this breakfast idea. How clever to use the red pepper as an egg form. I will give this a try soon. :-)

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