Salmon with Olive tapenade

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Salmon with Olive tapenade

Do you ever choose not to cook fish for dinner because of the smell it leaves behind in your kitchen?
I love fish but I must admit, without a decent extraction fan in my current kitchen, I don’t enjoy the cooking smell that seems to linger for a day after.

I have written here before about cooking fish en papillote, that chefy way of saying baking fish in paper in the oven.  Well, Friday night was leftover night.  G had come home from work still filled from a big lunch out with work colleagues.  I’d had a meal planned but hadn’t managed to prepare it during the busy day.  So out came the containers of leftover spaghetti for the little people that they happily ate with some salad on the side.

I was busy in the kitchen trying to get ahead for the weekend; muffins, biscuits, lunches and dinner for Saturday night.  8PM rolled around pretty quickly and I still hadn’t eaten.  I had a single piece of salmon fillet that I thought would be nice with the rest of the salad on the table.  I also had some of that olive tapenade in the fridge.  So I placed the salmon on a piece of baking paper that sat on a piece of foil.  I mixed a generous teaspoon of tapenade with a little knob of butter and spread it over the salmon.  I folded the baking paper and foil loosely over the top, scrunching the edges together to seal it up.  I had the oven already on 180C; salmon on a tray and in it went for 15 minutes. I didn’t take a photo, I was too hungry, but it looked kind of like this:




It was only after I sat down, pleased with my simple but tasty meal, that I realised there was no fishy smell hanging about.

Do you have any other ideas for using olive tapenade?


  1. You can also cook salmon in an oven bag (the type they make for roasting) and there’s no after smell. Brilliant.

  2. I have used it instead of red sauce on pizza. Brush olive oil on a partially baked crust (use can use wheat/gluten free if needed), sprinkle the tapenade around the crust, put on the cheese, then add shrimp and fresh spinach and parmesan and finish baking.

  3. I added some of the olive tampenade to a slow cooker of lamb since there was no onion/garlic for flavour.

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