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Like Vegemite and Aeroplane Jelly, Weet-bix have been a favourite breakfast cereal in Australia for decades. Any child growing up in the 1980’s will know the jingle…”Aussie kids are Weet-bix kids.” Over the years we’ve see rugby players, cricketers and triathalon champions all challenging each other with “how many Weet-bix do you do?” But, as the name suggests, Weet-bix are made from wheat. Wheat contains fructans (chains of fructose). That means Weet-bix are off the menu for anyone sticking to a low FODMAP diet. Until now!


Let me introduce… Gluten Free Weet-bix!

Box front


Sanitarium has developed a new breakfast biscuit made from 96% sorghum. They have just a touch of golden syrup and are fortified with all the usual minerals and vitamins. Gluten Free Weet-bix have been endorsed by Ceoliac Australia. The packaging also states they are suitable for a low FODMAP diet. For extra assurance I contacted our friends at Monash Universityand received this reply:

“…we have tested some sorghum products and it does tend to be low fodmap.”


When I saw them in my local supermarket I had to give them a try. As you can see, Gluten Free Weet-bix look just like regular Weet-bix, perhaps just a little darker. But the real test is the taste, right?




I like my Weet-bix with some sliced fruit, especially banana. After all, they can be a bit plan on their own. The texture of the Gluten Free Weet-bix is a little lighter and flakier than the regular, but they don’t seem to soak up milk and become soggy as quickly. I found Gluten Free Weetbix to have a different flavour from the regular, dare I say “nutty”? I know, I know, so many non-wheat grains are described as nutty, but it’s hard to think of a different term. It think the main difference is that the Gluten-free Weet-bix don’t have the same malty flavour as the regular kind.  It will take me some time to adjust to the different taste and not expect them to taste like the old favourites. Having said that, I will happily have these for breakfast with my fruit, or maybe added to some other low FODMAP cereals.


ready for breakfast


Gluten-free Weetbix are available from Coles supermarkets and will be available in Woolworths and independent retailers from September.

Next time I will share one of my favourite recipes which uses Weet-bix as an ingredient!









  1. This is sooo exciting!!

  2. Thanks Natalie – I am very excited!!

  3. Thanks Natalie. I find your blogs on recipes, products and other low FODMAP information incredibly helpful. It also makes me feel less alone and a bit more normal!

  4. Quite a few interesting comments from a UK point of view. But the most interesting was that food could be labelled low FODMAP. That would be useful :-)

  5. I was so excited to buy these and with my 10 sultanas on top ( low fodmap amount ) of my gluten free weetbixs , my coeliac lowfodmap self has had some very enjoyable brekkies this week.

  6. The four coeliac members of our family are over the moon with the arrival of sorghum Weetbix, Thank you to the food scientists for their part, and Sanitarium for your manufacture of this product!

  7. I used to eat Weetbix with banana for breakfast everyday before I was diagnosed celiac, and it was the thing I missed the most. I was so excited that there is now a GF weetbix! I tried them and LOVED them. To me they taste almost basically the same. They are just a little darker and more wholegrain looking. They do soak the milk up eventually, just takes a little longer. Thank you Sanitarium!

  8. Oh my gosh. I was RAISED on weetbix but after my no gluten diagnosis 10 years ago and then my FODMAPs 5 years ago I had to bid them farewell. This has totally made my day! Heck yes Australia!

    Also, it sounds very much like New Zealand had the same Weetbix ads as Aussies…. with a slight wording change. “Kiwi Kids are Weetbix kids” plus the how many weetbix can you do and all the athletes and kids triathlons.

    When I’m done with the UK I am SO moving to Australia to raise my own kids on (GF) weetbix!

    (I’m actually serious, you totally made my day.) Great post, great blog!

  9. I bought some on the weekend. It’s Delicious! light and crispy. Total yum!

  10. That is great to have gluten free weet-bix, they can be used in cakes, slices and the best weet-bix chocolate brownies. Yum.

  11. I was so excited when I saw GF Weet-Bix in the supermarket, I snapchatted photos to my family. My Weet-Bix sit on top of the ‘wheat’ Weet-Bix in the pantry.Hands off, they’re mine. Well done Sanitarium.

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