Pesto Potato Salad

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Pesto Potato Salad

Hi folks!


We are back from holidays now and slowly trying to get back into the swing of routine.  It’s not easy; I’ll show you why…




We spent two glorious weeks at Sandy Point in Gippsland, Victoria.  It was just so nice to slow down our pace, sleep in, read (this was a page-turner), eat slowly, and, of course, enjoy the sand and sun.

G enjoyed some great weather for this…



We didn’t venture to far, but this was the beautiful scenery when we did hit the road…



We also visited the nearby Wilson’s Promontory, an amazingly beautiful National Park.  We even managed to do a short hike with a couple of our little people.  This was the reward for us all.



Sandy Point is a haven for Koalas and we often spot them strolling through yards or crossing the roads.  Even though they are common here, we still get excited when we see them, and this little guy was a special treat on the morning we came home:



Just before we left for our holiday we had one final post-Christmas get together with our extended family.  I’d offered to bring a potato salad, but, as is my usual way, I made one with a twist.  This is not a recipe as such, but an idea to share with you for when you feel like something a bit different.

I had made a pesto from rocket and spinach a couple of days previous for a pasta dish, and still had half of the pesto leftover.  To make the pesto I’d used:

  • 50g each of the rocket and basil which is a large handful of each
  • approximately half a cup of freshly grated parmesan
  • 2-3 tablespoons of pine nuts
  • 1 or 2 teaspoons of garlic infused oil
  • and enough olive oil to bring it all together as a thick bout pourable consistency

All the ingredients went into a blender, but a pestle and mortar would do the job too.  I usually have a taste and add more parmesan if it’s not quite salty enough or garlic oil if required.

To make the dressing for the potato salad I mixed my leftover pesto with some shop-bought mayonnaise (I prefer whole-egg) and thinned it all down with a little water.  Sometimes I find mayonnaise on its own a little sharp and add a small amount of sour cream, such as with a Cos coleslaw; it works for us but is completely optional.

When it came to the vegies I quartered and steamed small new potatoes until they were tender, then let them cool.  I dropped some green beans into boiling water just until they turned bright green and then quickly got them in iced water to stop them cooking further.  I cut the beans into bite-sized pieces and gently tossed them with the potatoes and dressing, before putting it all into a serving bowl.  Just to pretty things up a bit I added a few halved grape tomatoes to the top of the salad.


I think this salad could go in a variety of directions, maybe make a traditional basil pesto, include roasted capsicum or perhaps pumpkin or sweet potato (stick to <cup per serve if mannitol is an issue for you).


I would love to hear what you try!

Cheers, Nat


PS: for those of you around the eastern side of Melbourne, Victoria, you can check out The low FODMAP cookbook at “Go Vita” health shop at Knox City shopping centre!



  1. What is “rocket”? It doesn’t show up on either of the search engines I use.

  2. Hi Al,
    Rocket is also knownas arugula, roquette, rucola and colewort.
    Cheers, Nat

  3. Hi, how do you make the pesto? Whack it all in a blender??

  4. purchased the Fodmap cook book..thank you I love all the recipes

  5. I make this potato salad with lots of parsley, black olives and/or capers (for flavour instead of the usual onions) and an oil/lemon juice dressing, which makes it lighter

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