Product news and Giveaway!!!

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Don’t you love finding a new food product to add to your pantry to make some delicious meals?  Well, I received a special delivery the other day so I can share my new find with you!

I’m sure most of us remember how restrictive this low FODMAP diet felt when first getting started on it.  Who could imagine never cooking with onion, not eating that daily apple, or spitting pips from a juicy wedge of watermelon in the summer?  There’s a time of eating strictly low FODMAP to get those dreaded symptoms of IBS under control, and then comes the stage to learn what our bodies can cope with.  With a bit of gentle challenge, and I recommend the advice of a FODMAP-trained dietitian, we can find foods to include in our individual low FODMAP diet.  For me, that has included spelt.

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Spiced-up Veg with Haloumi

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I am trying to get my gears rolling after a wonderfully long break from everything.  I guess holidays can’t go on forever but, after our busy lead up to Christmas, I wouldn’t say no to a few more weeks.

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Low FODMAP Vegie Burgers

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I think I might have just eaten the best Vegie Burger I can remember tasting.  Fresh, flavourful, satisfying.  I know calling anything “the best” sets expectations high, and maybe I shouldn’t go there.  But I can’t remember even seeing a vegie burger that is also low FODMAP.  So, I am pleased with my Vegie Burger and I hope you enjoy it too.

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Muffin Bars

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I make a lot of muffins.  They’re quick to mix, take only a short time in the oven, and freeze well.  They make a tasty addition to a lunch box and when homemade, are a healthier alternative to other sweet treats available on supermarket shelves.

I like to try different flavour combinations but, as I’ve mentioned before, it can be a challenge to find one that everyone in our house likes.  My latest bake-up was flavoured with orange, carrot and a hint of ginger.

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Lime Ice Cream

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I have had these photos ready for a while, waiting for me to come write some words to go with them.  We took them over the school holidays when one of my boys decided to spend some time in the kitchen.  Flynn does enjoy cooking and can even prepare a family meal from time to time.  School holidays give him a chance to flick through our cookbooks and choose something new to have a go at.  This time he chose ice cream!

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Sensational Singapore

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I have only travelled OS only a few of times; South America 25 years ago, Thailand 17 years ago, and New Zealand 5 years ago.  So, to say that I was a little excited to be heading off to Singapore back in August was a bit of an understatement.  As our departure date approached I was telling myself to settle down and not set my expectations too high to avoid disappointment.  But, Singapore did not disappoint.

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Saturday morning breaky

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Saturday morning is a busy one in our household.  No sleep-ins here.  Two boys need to be on the tennis court by 7:45am and our little girl enjoys a piano lesson later on in the morning.  Last weekend was my turn to do the tennis run and I stole an extra 10 minutes under the covers instead of eating breakfast before we left.

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The eBook has arrived! New classes and a public lecture

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Hi there.  I’m so happy to be able to let you know The low FOODMAP cookbook has finally made it into eBook format!  We have updated a few recipes and the food lists to reflect the FODMAP research done at Monash University.  10% of profit  from the book sales will continue to go back into this research.

Right now you can find it on the iBookstore here.

Very soon it will also be available on Kobo and Amazon (for Kindle)…stay tuned.

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