Highlights from the Irresistible Gluten Free Show

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Highlights from the Irresistible Gluten Free Show

This weekend I made my way into the city to the Irresistible Gluten Free Show. I have been to this show once before, a few years back. I was curious to see if there had been an increase in awareness amongst the exhibitors about the low FODMAP diet. With my number 1 photographer and 3 chief taste testers in tow, I set out to discover what was new on the market for us low FODMAPers.

The Melbourne Exhibition Centre was certainly busy with people making the most of the food samples on offer. There were cakes and biscuits galore, rice crackers, books, curries and sausages, all gluten free. These were mostly tasty but I was on the hunt to find some new and interesting products that are suitable for the low FOMDAP diet. I think most of us can manage to find a sweet treat to satisfy; just go for something gluten free that doesn’t have apple, pear or other high FODMAP fruits. But when it comes to savoury products it gets a bit more challenging. Onion is the usual let down, and unfortunately this was common with the foods on offer at the show. Exhibitors often commented that they had never had so many people ask about onion as in Melbourne. But ask we must because this is feedback, and hopefully, product developers will listen and create products to meet this growing need. I was encouraged by some exhibitors who said they will be going back their drawing board after the show to try to develop a low FODMAP product.

So, did I find any new and interesting low FODMAP products, you might ask. Well, there were a few gems. Here are my Irresistible Gluten Free Show highlights:

Deeks Health Foods
Long-distance runner, Rob De Castella, and clinical biologist, Bill Giles, have a range of gluten free and grain free baked goods available via mail order. I tried their quinoa loaf which was delicious with a great texture unlike other gluten free breads that I have tried.


Nushies Natural
Chef Nush Galbally (that’s her dad in the picture) has created a range of gourmet wholefoods, including dairy free ice cream. The ice cream is made from cashews and coconut milk which current research suggests should be okay in a low FODMAP diet. I tried the tiramisu flavour and my little people had strawberry and vanilla; we are all pretty happy.


Pasta al Naturale
Gluten free gnocchi, cannelloni and ravioli which contains no onion. The range includes both meat and vegetarian options. Available frozen. At $10 a packet it is on the pricey side but could make an occasional quick and easy meal.



Olive oils infused with garlic and lemon, chilli and mint, balsamic vinegar, and basil and sundried tomato. I know some olive oil purists don’t go for such infusions, but I think it’s handy to have at least some garlic infused oil on hand to add flavour to a dish.  Currently available in some Coles supermarkets.


Rick Grant
Cookbook author and chef, Rick Grant had a range of low FODMAP seasoning and batter mixes, as well as his range of gluten free cookbooks. He kindly offered packages of potato wedges seasoning and chicken seasoning for me to take home and try.



Larder Fresh Specialty Foods
My eyes were drawn to the words “Onion and garlic free” written on their fridge. Larder Fresh offered a range of vegie burgers and felafel. These products did contain legumes, so you would have to decide if they are suitable for you. I am excited about this company, however, because they were so eager to talk about the needs of low FODMAPers and thinking about how they might be able to meet them. Stay tuned on this one…

So there you have it friends, my picks from the show. I wonder if any of you went along? Let me know if you did and what you thought.

Happy cooking,

PS: I’ll be back soon to tell you about my Surprise Bircher Muffins…


  1. If you would be interested in sharing in an order of bread from Deeks Bakery, please contact Nat (via the “Contact” page). Valma from Brunswick in Victoria would like to place an order but there is a minimum of 6 loaves. She is willing to travel a bit if someone else is interested. Cheers, Nat

  2. I was disappointed with the show, a lot of the food was high in sugar and fat, junk food really. I have tried the pasta, bought some, and it was nice. I didn’t spy the oils but will look out for them in the super market. Thanks for your comments.

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