Gluten free Weetbix Slice

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Gluten free Weetbix Slice

I didn’t think I was going to get any photos for you before these treats disappeared! I had been asked to make something gluten free for a supper I was going to. After I left with my plate of slice, everyone at home must have had sample, too. The next day I made up another plate for a morning tea I was off to, and my family all grabbed some for their lunch boxes. You certainly have to be quick around here!

Have you see the gluten free Weetbix on your supermarket shelves yet? They are a great addition to your breakfast options, but they also make a handy ingredient for all sorts of recipes. There a few recipes using Weetbix on the Sanitarium website, but I wanted to have a go at a Weetbix slice I had tried many years ago before going low FODMAP.




This is one of those melt and mix recipes that takes little time to prepare. I think it’s also a great recipe to make the day before, as it does improve in taste and texture over time. I referred to this tried and tested Australian Women’s Weekly recipe. To make the icing I used only 100g of chocolate and 40g butter; I didn’t have any cream, and I found this quantity to be quite enough to cover the slice.




For another option I also tried this ginger version I found at Sanitarium’s New Zealand site. The slice mixture seemed a bit dry and crumbly, so I added an egg to bind it together.




I cut the chocolate slice into 25 squares and the ginger one into 30 squares. They are on the rich side so most people find 1 piece satisfying. You could try reducing the amount of sugar in these recipes, but I think if you can stick to enjoying 1 square at a time the recipes work well as they are.

Note: I realised I had forgotten to mention what I used in place of the regular wheat flour in both of these recipes; sorry about that!  I substituted the same quantity of a commercial gluten free flour mix that I had in my pantry.  I usually mix my own flour blends, but on this occasion I went for the quick and easy option.  I’m sure you could have success playing around with a blend of flours as you prefer, or even use spelt if you tolerate it although, the slice will not be gluten free.





  1. Oh my goodness!! Yum! Cannot wait to try this! Our family has gone through several (6, 7 or maybe 9?) boxes of GF weet bix since your tip off a couple of weeks ago. We’re in heaven every morning!

  2. Hi.
    Did you substitute a non gluten flour for the cup of self raising flour cited in the Womens Weekly recipe? What about the dried coconut? There appears to be conflicting information out there regarding coconut and fructose.

    • Hi Jacques,
      I woke early this morning realising I had forgotten to mention what I substitued for the wheat flour; I have now added a note to the post.
      The amount of coconut is not likely to be an issue for most peopple when you consider how much is in a serving size. The current recommended low FODMAP serving size is 1/4 cup (18g), as per the Monash University Low FODMAP Diet app.
      Cheers, Nat

  3. Hi Natalie

    Have you ever cooked with coconut flour as an alternative to dried coconut? I have previously only found this flour in health food shops, though found it in a supermarket the other day. For this slice recipe, would coconut flour work ?
    Cheers Anne

    • Hi Anne,
      I haven’t used coconut flour yet as it is still relatively expensive, and I need to learn some more about it. From what I understand it is used as a flour, rather than replacing dried coconut, and soaks up a lot of liquid making it necessary to adjust liquid volumes in recipes.
      Please let us know if you try it and how it goes!
      Cheers, Nat

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