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Product news – Gluten Free Weet-bix!!

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Like Vegemite and Aeroplane Jelly, Weet-bix have been a favourite breakfast cereal in Australia for decades. Any child growing up in the 1980’s will know the jingle…”Aussie kids are Weet-bix kids.” Over the years we’ve see rugby players, cricketers and triathalon champions all challenging each other with “how many Weet-bix do you do?” But, as the name suggests, Weet-bix are made from wheat. Wheat contains fructans (chains of fructose). That means Weet-bix are off the menu for anyone sticking to a low FODMAP diet. Until now!


Let me introduce… Gluten Free Weet-bix!

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Product news and Giveaway!!!

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Don’t you love finding a new food product to add to your pantry to make some delicious meals?  Well, I received a special delivery the other day so I can share my new find with you!

I’m sure most of us remember how restrictive this low FODMAP diet felt when first getting started on it.  Who could imagine never cooking with onion, not eating that daily apple, or spitting pips from a juicy wedge of watermelon in the summer?  There’s a time of eating strictly low FODMAP to get those dreaded symptoms of IBS under control, and then comes the stage to learn what our bodies can cope with.  With a bit of gentle challenge, and I recommend the advice of a FODMAP-trained dietitian, we can find foods to include in our individual low FODMAP diet.  For me, that has included spelt.

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Bananas are back…they have a new friend

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Don’t you love it when you find a new product on the shelves of your supermarket that you can enjoy without being concerned about the after-effects?  It’s also nice to get the feeling that a big company is hearing the needs of consumers and willing to meet them.

So today I would like to let you know about my recent find, Lactose free ice cream.  That’s right friends, Nestle Peter’s are now making a 1.2L tub of Classic Vanilla 99.9% Lactose Free ice cream.  It retails between $6-7, so no, not on the inexpensive side of your grocery list.  If you are interested in the details it has 10.9g fat and 18.6g sugar per 100g serve.  The sugar comes in the form of glucose from wheat (so unfortunately not suitable for people with coeliac or gluten intolerance – *please see below), sugar (or sucrose) and galactose (safe for low FODMAP).



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