Product news and Giveaway!!!

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Don’t you love finding a new food product to add to your pantry to make some delicious meals?  Well, I received a special delivery the other day so I can share my new find with you!

I’m sure most of us remember how restrictive this low FODMAP diet felt when first getting started on it.  Who could imagine never cooking with onion, not eating that daily apple, or spitting pips from a juicy wedge of watermelon in the summer?  There’s a time of eating strictly low FODMAP to get those dreaded symptoms of IBS under control, and then comes the stage to learn what our bodies can cope with.  With a bit of gentle challenge, and I recommend the advice of a FODMAP-trained dietitian, we can find foods to include in our individual low FODMAP diet.  For me, that has included spelt.

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Pumpkin, Feta and Chive Frittata

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This past week has been a bit of a challenge.  I started out with a couple of sick kids at home, each with their own ailments to soothe.  There was lots of rest, fluids to keep drinking, and my fair share of washing to keep on top of.  But then… it got me… not just one of those ailments, but both.  No details needed here, but it meant a day sleeping through it and taking it pretty slow for the rest of the week.  Yesterday afternoon however, ended with a real treat…

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Poached Salmon and Leek Risotto

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Did I grab your attention with the name of this recipe?  “Leek?” you might understandably question.

It’s true that the white part of a leek contains an excess of the FODMAP oligo-fructans, but did you know the green top of a leek does not.  Yes, those clever researchers at Monash University here in Melbourne have thoroughly tested the humble leek and found, just as with spring/green onions and chives, a small serve of the green leaves at the top of the leek is low in FODMAPs (** see below).  This information was recently published in the Monash Low FODMAP Diet app for iPhone.

Leek picture credit: Daily Breakfast
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Orange Glazed Pork with Rosemary Roast Vegetables

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Here’s an idea for a quick low FODMAP midweek meal.  I wanted to use to use some beautiful fresh rosemary we had been gifted by our good friend Helen when she joined us for dinner one night.  There’s nothing fancy on the ingredients list; perhaps you have some rosemary in your garden too.

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Zucchini Slice

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Have you made Zucchini Slice before?  I used to make it often before shifting to a low FODMAP diet.  It was a bit of a standby dinner on Friday nights because it’s so quick to make, plus the leftovers were great for lunch over the weekend.  I did attempt a low FODMAP version in my early days on the diet, but the result was disappointing.  Substituting standard gluten free flour mix left me with a texture that was a bit mushy and I learned that this is one of those dishes that suffers when onion is left out.

I had all but left Zucchini Slice behind, resigning to accept it was one of those recipes that just didn’t convert well.  But when a reader sent me an email asking if I could come up with a low FODAMP version of Zucchini Slice I decided to have another go…

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Thai BBQ Chicken

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This has been one of our favourite chicken recipes for the BBQ for many years. It’s quick, simple and oh, so delicious…just the way it should be, even when going low FODMAP.

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