Lunchbox Handrolls

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I’m always on the hunt for different low FODMAP ideas for what to include in our family’s lunchboxes.  The kitchen bench is usually a bit of a production line in the morning, cutting sandwiches, preparing snacks, and chopping fruit to keep everyone going during their day ahead.  And as great as sandwiches are, it is nice to have something different now and then.

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Thai BBQ Chicken

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This has been one of our favourite chicken recipes for the BBQ for many years. It’s quick, simple and oh, so delicious…just the way it should be, even when going low FODMAP.

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Chicken Bake with 2 Potatoes

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Hello again.  It has been awhile between posts, with good reason.  You see, we have moved house, for the last time.  It has been a 2 ½ year journey but we have finally made it into our new home that we have planned and dreamed about from the ground up.  It’s still a bit chaotic around here with boxes all over the place and plenty of mud in what will become our garden, but we are home.

I am still learning how to use my new kitchen having switched from a gas cooktop to induction and installed a steam oven that makes the best rice ever.  My cooking has stuck mostly to recipes I don’t have to think too much and require only the utensils that I have dug out of a box.

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Butter Chicken

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I’m not sure why, but Indian cuisine is the kind of food that works in any season.  It is warming and full of comfort during wet winter months (as we are now), but somehow a spiced up “kari” served with a cooling salad and yoghurt works just as well during the summer.

We have several Indian restaurants close to our home, one in particular that we have been dropping into for 15 years.  However, we have been less and less over the last few years simply because there aren’t too many dishes on the menu that are made without onion.

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Stock & Low FODMAP 2 Minute Noodles

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There are many adjustments we all make in our shopping and cooking when shifting to a low FODMAP diet.  I think the one product I am asked most about is stock.  A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how I prepared chicken stock for soup.  I don’t think you can go past homemade stock of any variety for taste and certainty of what’s in it.  I make stock in large batches and freeze it in smaller portions for easy use.  But sometimes it is convenient to be able to grab a stock cube to add some quick flavour to a dish.  I have previously mentioned a stock paste that I like to use but unfortunately that product has been discontinued.  Thankfully, a kind reader has let me know about another product.

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Can chicken soup really cure a cold?

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…I really hope so because the cold I have is proving difficult to kick.  And as we low FODMAP dieters know there are no shortcuts when it comes to soup.  Try walking into any food store to find a can, packet or tub of soup without onion in it.  I don’t imagine many of us having success, but really, is it such a great loss?  I can’t say I have ever enjoyed canned soup or the sort you mix with water in a cup.

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